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Welcome to Rutherford International's NEXTalent Marketplace, a premier talent pipeline linking you with high-potential professionals across various industries and roles worldwide.

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Build a Pipeline of High Potentials Through TalentNET

Rutherford International's NEXTalent Agency uses advanced analytics to connect exceptional performers with employers worldwide. Our TalentNET pipeline members are 48% more productive and 25% more profitable than average performers in identical roles.

Build a Pipeline of Top Talent Via Our NEXTalent Community (Talent Network Employer Access)

Rutherford International's TalentNET talent pool links employers worldwide with top-tier professionals and independent management consultants across 16 industry sectors. With an impressive 85% predictive accuracy, a TalentNET registrant is set to meet or even surpass employer expectations 80% of the time, delivering a unique hiring experience. Candidates sourced via the TalentNET platform outshine the average employee by 48% and contribute to a 25% rise in profitability. Employers benefit from our wide range of pipeline channels, enabling them to connect with top candidates and foster relationships early on. Our platform also allows for the posting of multiple job listings at a flat monthly rate. Explore the exceptional features of TalentNET today!


  1. We promise at least two prospects per job post; if not, we will proactively market your opportunity to industry referral sources.
  2. Build and manage a private talent pipeline on our platform.
  3. Engage prospects in live chat,
  4. Access Incognito Prospects through the Talent Agency - Placement fee if hired
  5. Talent Agency curators are available to facilitate interaction between prospects and employers.
  6. Share your annual resource plan with our Talent Agency and receive a 10% discount on the 1-year subscription fee.

Access Fee:

  • One month - $3,793.27
  • Six months - $22,760.00 minus 20% discount
  • Twelve months - $45,519.00 minus 30% discount

Note: Hiring engaged top-quartile performers enhances profitability by 25% and productivity by 48%

  • In the first quarter of 2024, the average total cost per hire, including both apparent and concealed expenses, totals USD $19,086.50. Internal recruitment expenditure per hire averages at USD $3,793.27. Additionally, net of opportunity costs, the average expense for resolving an unsuccessful hire is USD $23,391.86.