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Welcome to Rutherford International's NEXTalent Marketplace, an exclusive platform that connects you with talented professionals from diverse industries and functional roles worldwide.

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A Talent Marketplace for High Performing Organizations

Rutherford International's NEXTalent Agency links top performers with employers globally. We employ advanced analytics to ensure the performance capabilities of our TalentNET members. Achieving an 85% predictive accuracy, our analytics surpass over 99% of rival assessment tools. Statistically, our TalentNET candidates exhibit 48% higher productivity and 25% greater profitability than typical employees in identical roles.

Build a Pipeline of Top Talent Via Our NEXTalent Community (Talent Network Employer Access)

"If you're tired of searching for the perfect candidate in a sea of mediocre resumes, it's time to switch to TalentNET. We represent only 'above average' professionals so that you can find top talent quickly and easily. Don't waste any more time sifting through stacks of resumes - choose TalentNET for the best hiring experience." - Forbes Rutherford

You can leverage our TalentNET for multiple hires of employees, consultants and operational experts while reducing your talent acquisition and employee development costs. Employers can have absolute confidence that talent presented by Rutherford International's NEXTalent platform undergoes rigorous science-based assessment and consistently exceeds employer expectations over 75% of the time. Our TalentNET candidates outperform the average employee in similar roles, boasting a 48% increase in productivity and 25% higher profitability.

The pool of candidates we source extends far beyond proprietary networks. We strategically target professionals and referral sources across 16 industry sectors worldwide by leveraging third-party professional platforms and newsletters. Unleash your organization's true potential with the NEXTalent Agency. Experience the power of TalentNET today!


  1. To lower your cost per hire, you can start by examining our list of TalentNET and KnowledgeNET registrants.
  2. Hire top-tier professionals and management consultants from TalentNET. TalentNET registrants who benchmark "Above Average" relative to public networks is 37:1000.
  3. Compile an advisory team of KnowlegeNET operational experts to be on-call to your hybrid and remote employees.
  4. We promise at least two prospects; if not, we will proactively market your opportunity to industry referral sources.
  5. Send invitations, operational questions or job descriptions to prospects, requesting access to their resume details,
  6. Engage interested prospects in live chat,
  7. Access Incognito Prospects through the Talent Agency - Placement fee if hired
  8. Talent Agency and KnowledgeNET curators are available to facilitate interaction between prospects and employers. Time and materials charged.
  9. Share your annual resource plan with our Talent Agency and receive a 10% discount on the access fee.
  10. Commit to twenty hours of KnowledgeNET usage per month and receive a 10% discount on the access fee.

Access Fee:

  • One month - $3,793.27
  • Six months - $22,760.00 minus 20% discount
  • Twelve months - $45,519.00 minus 30% discount

Note: Our methods reduce the following hiring risks.

  • As of February 2, 2024, the average visible and invisible costs per hire in the UK is USD $ 19,086.50.
  • The average internal recruitment cost per hire in the UK is USD$3,793.27.
  • The average cost per unsuccessful hire is USD$23,391.86.
  • The percentage of non-voluntary termination due to behaviour relative to performance is 85%.
  • The percentage of employees who dislike their job or career direction is 74.3%.